Review: Jamie T – Manchester Academy


After a five year hiatus all eyes were on Jamie T to make the comeback of the decade, and he sure didn’t disappoint. Alongside the launch of his newest album ‘Carry on the grudge’ Jamie T, real name Jamie Alexander Treays, kicked off his UK tour on the 30th October at the 02 Academy Bristol, a gig which lead to HMV describing him as “Britains most consistent and exciting artist.”

I attended his Manchester Academy gig on the 7th November, and I could feel the buzz from the crowd from the second I stepped inside the the venue. Having a five year gap had definitely created a major sense of anticipation throughout the audience, and I could tell the feeling of not knowing what to expect was mutual. Starting with ‘Limits lie,’ a song off his new album, he instantly captured the crowds attention with his powerful yet gritty vocals, and it was obvious this wasn’t going to be a mediocre performance. After a fairly slow start, including ‘don’t you find’ and ‘peter’ it was clear Jamie’s overall tone as an artist had changed. As expected, his music had matured, but this wasn’t the only change in his music. His lyrical messages had changed from teenage rebellion, including drugs and drinking, to darker, deeper messages. However, this new take on his writing was all part of the mesmerising ora of it all, and was just as enjoyable as watching 23 year old Jamie T jump around singing about girls and London nights on the razz.

Luckily, this ‘new’ Jamie T persona didn’t take away from the excellent performance of his older tracks, such as ‘if you got the money’ and his closing track ‘sticks and stones.’ It was obvious how impressed the audience were with his performance, with nearly every word being sung back to him, old songs and new. As the encore came to an end and he bounded off stage, it was clear to see that this was not just a one time reunion tour, and that typical London boy Jamie T was well and truly, ‘Back in the game.’


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