Listen: Looking back on some of the best (and weirdest) alternative Christmas songs the internet has got to offer

‘Julian Casablancas – I wish it could be Christmas today’

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 18.29.46

The Strokes frontman has taken this Christmas classic and given it a true Casablancas twist. Through his distinctive vocals and ad lib lyrics he manages to take this jolly festive tune and turn it into a gritty alternative must-listen cover.

Listen Here

‘The Streets – Scrooge and Marley, I don’t want it to be me’


Not the happiest of Christmas tunes, but packed full of jingle bells none the less. Not entirely sure what I make of this one, I’ll leave it up to you…

Listen Here

‘Blink 182 – Wont be home for Christmas’


As expected from this Pop-Punk trio, this cover is full of silly lyrics and as much energy as three over excited Duracell bunnies. One to dance round the kitchen to after a few too many sherries.

Listen Here

‘Pearl Jam – Let me sleep (Christmas time)’


This stripped back Christmas single from 1991 subverts the grungy, guitar-heavy sound we would expect from the American 5 piece. Again, not one of the most cheery of christmas songs (I can see a pattern forming here?) but still worthy of making the list none the less.

Listen Here


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