Listen: The sets you should be listening to from Reading/Leeds Festival 2015

This years Reading & Leeds festival saw rock royalty Metallica, Mumford & Sons and Camden cool kids The Libertines all take to the stage to headline the 3 days of music which took place in both Richfield Avenue, Reading and Bramham Park, Leeds over the bank holiday weekend. However, as always the festival had far more to offer than three incredible headliners, with an extremely varied line up ranging from indie classics such as Bastille to grime royalty Stormzy and Skepta.


If like me, you were unfortunate enough to not attend either a very rainy Reading or surprisingly sunny Leeds  this year then fear not, as I’ve compiled the links to some of the must-see sets from this years bank holiday festival. It may not compete with standing in a sweaty tent having beer (we hope) chucked over you, but it will however save you from -10 temperatures, as well as saving you the £180 you never had in the first place.

The first set I’ve been listening to this week is from a band I’ve wanted to see for ages, so I was especially gutted when I saw Kent two-piece Slaves added to the line up. Their full Reading set can be seen below, and It’s only exceeded my need to see them more. They even managed to get the crowd to non-stop chant ‘Gerald’ in memory of their late goldfish…if that’s not Rock and Roll I don’t know what is. Performing songs from both ‘Sugar Coated Bitter Truth’ and their new album ‘Are You Satisfied’, the answer is no, no I’m not because It’s looks amazing and I wasn’t there to witness it. (Do I sound bitter yet?)


No Reading or Leeds festival is complete without a headline act that is the cream of the crop of all things Indie, with 2014 seeing Arctic Monkeys steal the show, and 2015 being no different with London based four piece The Libertines taking to the stage to give a belter of a set in both the South and North. See the full set below.

WARNING: May contain serious Pete and Carl bromance.


As always, I’m taking any excuse I can to blog about BAE (Some may know him as Jamie T). As with every single gig ever since his comeback last year, Jamie T did not fail to disappoint. This is a set I love to listen to as I cry over my -£1500 student overdraft thinking of all the festivals and gigs I can only attend in spirit. Jamie T getting me through the tough times as always. Love ya.


Another set I can’t get enough of is from the one and only Catfish and The Bottlemen. Whether it’s Van’s stage presence and cliche’ cockiness (did you hear he’s cast himself as the new ‘bad boy’ of rock and roll?), or the annoyingly catchy lyrics from all 11 songs off their debut album ‘The Balcony’, I just can’t help but keep going back for more with this band. See the full set below.


Catering to the roadmen/gals of you out there, here’s the link to Stormzy performing ‘SHUT UP’ at Reading festival. In all fairness, it looks like great fun, and I can take the mic all I want but It’s just another set I’m jealous I wasn’t at, I may have even dug out my ralphy cap and wavey garms to really look the part.


Here’s hoping we can all afford a ticket next year, but until then, I hope this ties you over slightly! If there are any sets you think I really should listen to, feel free to let me know in the comments!


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