Matthew Taylor Feature Review: Bad Molly- Sail With Me

Two red-heads, velvet, snakeskin boots and enough silk to tickle Cleopatra pink. No, these aren’t the ingredients of some intricate voodoo ritual, but just a fraction of the oddities which form BIMM Manchester band Bad Molly.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 16.34.05

Their name alone, the subtle allusion to a 60s ‘Summer of Love’ Molly induced utopia, with the negative, almost juxtaposed pre-determiner demonstrates the nature of the band before the first chord is even struck. And, the track in question ‘Sail With Me’ certainly does not fail to meet our expectations.

A raw distorted opening riff seeks to captivate from the off, with a dark synthesised undertone suggesting that this tune may be more naughty, than simply nautical. Lyrically, the track illustrates that oh-so-familiar setting of meeting someone at a club and second guessing whether there’s any “opportunity between these four walls”. Frontman Tyron Freeman employs cheeky references to young lust and the freedom of youth, written cleverly and delicately, in lines such as the chorus’s hook “I’ll sail with you, if you sail with me”. Easily overlooked, yet brilliantly intertwined.

Aptly timed for its June 2015 release, the track’s pre-chorus “she said summer’s coming round” with its gentle Kinks-esque synchronised guitar overlay, finalises it as a ready-made summer festival anthem, whilst also furthering the band’s 60s image – Should their flares fail to do so. As the track flows to its pinnacle, a bass-lead break down sets the foundations for a slower guitar solo with an obvious yet effective key-change, highlighting lead guitarist Sam Cartwright’s musicality and natural ability. A final refrain of the chorus brings the song to its conclusion, as Bad Molly’s summer release bows out as confidently as it began.

In all, ‘Sail With Me’ serves as a perfect example of the undercurrent of raw passion that still remains in the pop dominated musical landscape we live in today. Bad Molly are without a doubt surfing the current psychedelic revival wave and looking to make a real splash, so keep your eyes peeled, and your boots heeled.

Listen to the single here.

Matthew Taylor (Songwriter, Journalist, BIMM Manchester)



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