Portfolio Analysis


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As explained in my ‘Professional profile‘, for the past year and a half I have been working freelance as a PR assistant for Leeds based PR agency Game PR. I have worked on a variety of clients both B2B and B2C, on a variety of different tasks, from writing press releases and selling them in to relevant journalists, to writing copy for client blogs. Since I am the only employee besides the director, Victoria Filtness, I have had a large amount of responsibility and the work I have done has contributed to the company greatly. Victoria has been extremely helpful in aiding my understanding of the PR industry, and I feel I have learnt a vast amount since starting work last year.

 The first evidence piece in my portfolio is a blog post I wrote for client North Star Club, a luxury woodland retreat based in East Yorkshire. The main objectives for the blog were to:

  1. Create an engaging blog aimed at guests of the retreat, informing them of the activities available during their stay.
  2. Create an interesting blog to persuade potential visitors to book a stay with North Star Club.

Before writing the blog post I decided to carry out some research into the client, with the aim of having a clear understanding of the brand. My findings concluded that the average target audience and visitors of the lodge were middle aged men and woman, usually on romantic breaks away without children. My research also showed that the brand is positioned as being luxury and exclusive, and the website and blog is extremely refined and stripped back.

I initially decided on my blog structure, as any successful blog will “have some sort of introduction (in which you introduce your topic), a body (in which the main message is written) and a conclusion (which should summarize the most important ideas or deduce some new idea).”  Once my blog structure had been decided I carried out further research into the possible activities Yorkshire has to offer and finalised the suggestions I would be writing about. It was vital I did this part successfully as in order to both appeal to the target audience and maintain the luxury image I needed to find activities that have the same audience and are positioned in the similar light within the market. By using refined language and writing about a luxury topic I not only successfully developed the North Star Club brand image but also met both the blog objectives.

The second evidence piece in my portfolio is an interview profile opportunity I obtained in the Yorkshire Post for Game PR client James Everett, Creative Director at the Individual Agency. After initially leasing with the Business Editor at the Yorkshire Post I managed to secure the ‘My Passion’ profile opportunity. I then presented the brief to James Everett and asked him to send me rough bullet point notes including all the information he wanted to include in the post. The objectives were as follows:

  1. Ensure I work closely with James to understand everything he wants to include in the post. It is solely my job to advise and refine the bullet point information provided by James and simply put that information into full sentences to avoid ghost writing on his behalf.
  2. Produce copy of a high standard with the aim to satisfy the Business Editor at the Yorkshire Post, ensuring it gets printed in the next issue.

I initially started my research by reading through relevant publications and trying to get an understanding of the  profile opportunities that were potentially available for my client. This is because if you find out what journalists are looking for before contacting them it is far more likely that you will be successful in gaining the coverage for your client. Through doing this the Business Editor of The Yorkshire Post was genuinely interested when I contacted him, meaning I successfully created a mutually beneficial relationship, something that is key in the PR industry.

The third evidence piece in my portfolio is a content plan I created for Game PR client Jollydays Camping, a ‘glamping’ retreat based in York. The main objectives were:

  1. Create content that has large digital reach, informing potential customers about the retreat.
  2. Create content that includes visual aids that will engage and entice potential customers.

Before starting the content plan I decided to write a list of key content I wanted to include. My research concluded that it would be beneficial to use a brand hashtag, as it can “expand your content reach, amplify your brand, target your market, get your content found and improve your SEO.” I decided on using #weddingwednesday as it was catchy, and helped promote the wedding service available at the retreat, something the retreat founder specifically asked for. I also utilised visual aids in my content plan, as stats have shown that you can get a 150% increase in retweets just by including images, which would consequently achieve my second objective. In order to combat Twitters word count limit, and to ensure my posts on Facebook are at an appropriate length I utilised Google’s link shorter. This allows for maximum engagement (retweets, likes, shares etc), as a study by Jeff Bullas found that an ultra-short 40-character post on Facebook received 86% higher engagement than others. By making sure my posts are the appropriate length and ensuring I allow for maximum engagement with audiences, I successfully achieved my first objective, increasing the potential digital reach.

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