Professional Profile


Due to the rapid evolution of the digital age, I believe now is a better time than ever to pursue a career in Public Relations. The constant creation of new apps, social networks and publications has meant that the Public Relations industry is constantly growing in size and impact, meaning the option to work in this creative, diverse industry is something that has always appealed to me.

I am currently in my second year at Leeds Beckett University studying Public Relations and Communications, one of the most reputable PR courses in Europe. My first year of studies has equipped me with a sound knowledge of the core fundamentals of PR, with modules such as ‘Writing for Communications’ and ‘PR Trends’ aiding my understanding of the industry. Broader module topics such as ‘Marketing’ and ‘Global Business’ have allowed me to gain valuable business skills that enable me to work strategically as well as creatively when putting my PR knowledge into practice.

Since May 2015 I have worked freelance for a Leeds based PR agency called Game PR, which has allowed me to put my acquired knowledge from my degree into practice. Working on a range of clients, both B2B and B2C I have been able to experience the industry first hand, which has only furthered my desire to work within PR. I feel this experience has been the most beneficial aspect of my journey into the world of Public Relations, which is why I am extremely excited to continue my career in this diverse industry.

Since studying Photography, Media and Drama at A-Level I’ve always known that I needed to work somewhere where my creative side could be let loose, however, I knew that I wanted to challenge myself, so opted against carrying on any of these three ‘soft’ subjects at university. PR is the perfect combination of creativity and strategy, so I thought, why not? An attitude I often have towards new opportunities.

As you have probably guessed from my blog genre, alongside my passion for PR, I have a huge passion in all things music, something that initially led me to study ‘Music Industry Management’ as a foundation degree at The Manchester College. Less than three months into the course, and after hours of meetings with my Publicist tutor I knew it was the PR side of the events and promotions industry I wanted to go in to. This focus persuaded me to take the plunge into moving cities, courses and universities, landing me where I am today – the best decision I’ve ever made.

When initially starting my blog back in 2015 I did contemplate purely writing about PR to help aid my understanding of the industry. However, I wanted a platform that would show you more than the academic me, a place I could showcase my personality and genuine interests, which I hope themusicpoint will successfully achieve.

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